What about the Office? Will we need it anymore?

What about the Office? Will we need it anymore?

  • What does the workplace of the future look like?
  • Will the company office still play a major role in the future?
  • Which new, innovative work environments will be needed?

All of us have been dealing with these questions intensely since the COVID-19 pandemic. New work means that meaningful, creative and agile work is becoming more and more important. The attractiveness of the workplace is increasingly important, especially among young people.


WHY do we need to deal with this topic?

  • Corona has strongly influenced the lives of many people and accelerated the digital transformation. Home-working has increased. This has an impact on work and on the workplace of the future.
  • We see that changes in the workplace have already started but there are even more changes to come. We need to be prepared.
  • To find out what role the work environment will play in the company in the future.
  • To find out how we can best support organizations design their workplaces.


WHAT do companies have to do to remain competitive and to provide a modern workplace with attractive working conditions?In addition to home offices, co-working spaces and mobile offices, employees will re-discover the office, especially as a place of identification and a social meeting place.

From our point of view, the organization must ensure that their offices fulfill 6 distinctive functions in the future:

  1. Collaborating with each other
  2. Focused work, alone
  3. Being creative
  4. Networking
  5. Feeling good
  6. Identification with the company


Thank you, Daniela and Sheila, for preparing the article!

Autor: Martin Carmann

Martin Carmann ist der Gründer von CARMANN. Ihm ist es wichtig, anstehende Themen sehr rasch und im Kern zu erkennen, verständlich auf den Punkt zu bringen und klar anzusprechen. Aus vielen seiner Begegnungen mit Kunden entsteht eine intensive und langjährige Zusammenarbeit auf Augenhöhe. Er teilt sein Wissen freigiebig und vorbehaltlos, die Unterstützung der Unternehmen „von innen heraus“ ist sein Credo.