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We take a holistic view of coaching.
It involves leadership, structure, team and growth.

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Leadership is demanding. Today, hierarchies often appear odd, old-fashioned and authoritarian. But so far, no way has been found for organisations to function without them.


This is exactly why we need modern executives. In a democratic structure, leaders must take responsibility, convince their people and get them moving in the right direction.


We are masters of getting people involved, determined, strong performers and, when necessary, quiet. We support you through Management Development Programmes, Leadership Workshops and Executive Coaching.



Good structures underpin success and motivation. Bad structures get in the way of both. In today’s business world, structures need to be flat, flexible, transparent and clearly defined.


We believe in change from within. Structural change is not possible without careful change management. Structures and emotions are strongly intertwined, so new structures can only succeed if the people believe in them.


We help you to formulate, communicate and implement the ideas that come from within your organisation. Our process is to work alongside you and take an agile, dynamic, lean approach.



Teams can only run at top performance if they are properly managed. If that is not the case, their results are worse than those of individual experts. It is important to support team dynamics. Plain speaking and addressing issues head-on are crucial. Team decisions must be well managed and carefully implemented. When all of this happens, any team – from board level to production lines, from the HR department to marketing – can work innovatively, productively and quickly.


We support you through team workshops, linking solution-orientated work with team dynamics. We combine simple language, fun and effectiveness.



We all continue to grow and develop until the last day of our lives. The ways in which we do that are influenced by our talents, our history, our current context plus our goals and dreams. They also depend on our ability to self-reflect both critically and lovingly.


Growth also means a cyclical, continuous maturing process. At CARMANN, we have the pleasure of working with successful companies that want to be even more successful.

Through our coaching process, we support your development as an individual, a team or a company. It all depends on the direction you want to go.

The Business


CARMANN is a coaching organisation established in 2007 and based in Vienna. The CARMANN brand operates within both Carmann Consulting GmbH and Dr. Martin Carmann KG which are both owned by Martin Carmann and Marion Carmann


To date, we have carried out coaching projects in: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA, Columbia, Chile and China.

The Coaches

Our coaching team consists of strong personalities, with a lot of knowledge, big hearts and plenty of humour. Our customer focus and common approach to coaching are what link us. Enthusiasm, speed and depth are our key principles.

Martin Carmann


Stephanie Außerhofer


Tina Hiller

Senior Coach

Angelika Lošek


Daniela Ottacher

Senior Coach

Sheila Purdy

Senior Coach

Katharina Schneider


Hannelore Schott-Mothwurf

Senior Coach

Michael Theimer

Senior Coach

Hansjörg Zahradnik

Senior Coach

The Office


Doris Hajek-Tawil



We offer Online Coachings at any time.

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