The CARMANN Leadership Webinars

The CARMANN Leadership Webinars

The most important leadership tools for the coming months

The current situation is a major challenge for all of us, and especially for leaders. Employees sit in different locations, having too much or not enough work to do. At the same time they need to get used to the changing circumstances of work and life.

We from CARMANN have put the most important leadership tools for the weeks to come into a compact webinar series.

Invest the first 30 min. into assessing your own skills and acquiring new leadership tools. The second 30 min. will be devoted to discussing  open issues and enriching your learning experience.

These are the webinar topics:

  • Motivation & Resilience
  • Dynamic & Produktive Online-Meetings 
  • Team-Performance & Collaboration
  • Virtual Leadership: the Distance Issue
  • Planning in Unpredictable Times

We will provide you with lots of practical advice. Please don’t expect chalk and talk.

Be prepared for the type of interactive conversation that supports learning best.

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Find here the timelines for the English, German, and Spanish Programms. 

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Author: Martin Carmann

Martin Carmann has founded CARMANN in 2007. He enjoys communicating to the point and shares his experience easily. His mission is to change companies from within.